Ferrante Guitarworks No. 02 – Two-piece double-bound solid Alder body; Maple neck & Wenge board; Bone nut; 1 11/16” width at nut; 12” fretboard radius; 22 frets & 25” scale; Chunky “C” shape neck; Gotoh tuners; compensated saddles; Heavy Air pickups [“Mumder” vintage*  Tele set]; 4- way switch, with option for N + B either parallel (normal), or series; DPDT Mini toggle phase switch [puts the neck pup out of phase with the bridge pup- works in either series or parallel]; 250K ohm pots w/ .022 tone cap; .01 trebled bleed cap at vol. pot; Electro socket jack cup; 3 color burst [Amber> Red> Black], Nitro; Satin nitro on neck.

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